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Golden dragon

June 2016

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fistofnathan in wing_chun

Wing Chun in Full Contact

Hello all,

Has anyone experienced or knew of Wing Chun training in full contact events? If so what is your opinion on it and any such advice you might have? How did would you (or have you/others) worked your Wing Chun to the event?

Beyond the obvious lack of finger jabs to the eyes and attacks to the throat, I feel that something Wing Chun can use in almost any type of full contact sporting would be the close-range sticking and manipulation of arms/balance. I've had great success with this facet most of all when I would open spar others at various degrees of intensity. That is the one thing I have not see other styles utilize, thus my partners always note and respect this ability after they witness and/or experience it.

I have a Sanshou Leitai event coming up in May. Beyond conditioning and getting "fighting fit", anyone have any words to share?


Chi sau can come into play whenever there is contact. I am not a competition fighter, however, several of our kwoons students enjoy competitions and chi sau helps them endlessly. It's one of those things where the more subconscious it becomes and you don't realise it's benefits until you stand back and think about it.

I agree, because of the rules, most mixed competitions favor strength and grappling. Keep in mind most kung fu styles (especially Wing Chun) were about killing your opponent. Pulling out your butterfly swords and cutting down your opponent tends to be frowned upon in todays competitive fighting arena.

As for chi sau in this it can depend on your interpretation. Our school cross trains in BJJ, after doing a passing the guard drill I got up and realised it was in fact a chi sau drill. Or more correctly a chi sun drill (sticking body) the principals are still the same.