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Golden dragon

June 2016

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bettinsky in wing_chun

What "gongs" are you doing in "Bo Fa" training?



The base in practicing traditional chinese martial arts is so called jibengong (jiben - the base, the foundation, gong - the work).

Jibengong, as usual, involves:
Zhan Zhuang Gong - static exercise
Sun Hei Gwai Yuen Gong - training of internal energy
Sao Fa - hands methods
Shen Fa - body
Bo Fa - steps
Yang Fa - gaze

Jibengong practice very hard BEFORE forms, and later, when the forms (and chi sao, as well) begin learning - together with them.

Unfortunately, in the most Wing Chun schools jibengong is unknown.

If you are interesting, I can send you by email the examples of Hsing I Bo Fa jibengong exercise.

*to all
i`m sorry for my poor language - English is not my native one, and i have very little practice in it.
Your English is fine. Thank you very much for posting.

I'm interested to know more about what you practice. Are you a Wing Chun practitioner or do you practice Baguazhang? Feel free to post links to any website or video.
Thank you!

I've been in WCK from 1988...

I don`t practice Baguazhang and other MA styles.

Many years ago I train as a classical boxer
You should post about your Wing Chun training. Let us know what school you attend, what lineage, etc.
first I study vietnamese branch of Wing Chun (the disciple of master Hoan Vin Zang), later, and at present - Mai Gei Wong Wing Chun Kuen (the disciple of master Wong Nim Yi).

The lineage is: YUEN KAY SAN - WONG JING (Yuen Kay San student) - WONG WU FONG (father of Master Wong Nim Yi)- WONG NIM YI -

What about you?
My instructor is Sifu George Lovio. This is our website: http://loviowingchun.com

Our Wing Chun is a version known as "gangster fist" in China. My Sifu's Sifu was a smuggler who taught him this version, which has nothing to do with Yip Man's lineage. We are, however, friendly towards Yip Man's sons and recognize them and their students as representative of Yip Man style Wing Chun.