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Golden dragon

June 2016

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gracewanderer in wing_chun

Wing Chun vs. groundfighting

Does anyone here have experience fighting vs. ground fighting styles with Wing Chun? It's kind of hard to evaluate the effectiveness of a form that you're not supposed to use in sport.


excuse the awful spelllings

I cross-trained in BJJ for a bit. I felt completely like a fish outta water on the ground, despite a few years wing chun under my belt. I think it was partly the not being able to be hit, but then - given that my opponent spent a lot of his time squatting on my chest, I'm kinda glad of that :-)

The interpretation of wing chun I follow is almost exclusively about hitting the other guy hard, using the ground, your hips, your stucture and your footwork to generate power. I dont know how I'd apply the same power generation on my back, or even in the mount. The upper body would come into play a lot more that I'm used to I think.

That said, I'm just a beginner. I know the founder of a different wing chun system - Kamon wingchun - claims he found the opposite when he started cross-training in BJJ. Hes a purple belt now I think, and representing one of the Gracie schools in London, so maybe there is something in there after all.

I wouldn't go there if I could avoid it, any more that I would swap kicks with a kickboxer or a taekwando fella. For me I'd be working very hard to stay on my feet. Using my footwork, trying to control the other guys head and get it going backwards, or at least away from me, using my lan sao to keep some hitting space if he's high or my so-sau if he's low and hitting as hard as I can. Thats the theory anyway. Might be ok for some drunk idiot in a nightclub, dunno if would hold up against someone who knows what he is doing and can take a punch or two.

Re: excuse the awful spelllings

Well, it's got to be better than nothing, and again, in my opinion, it's good to learn all you can. I'm certainly not above talking with other martial artists about what they do and comparing notes. Learn all you can.

And, at least you're doing something. Grab most people or take a swing at them, and they don't have a clue what to do.


Re: excuse the awful spelllings

Well that is very true. It is definitely better than nothing and I suppose if you get in there quick enough on the attack its going to make it hard for them, (hard to hit or grapple someone when your heads going backwards and your brain is being bounced around I guess) I definitely stand by the idea that if someones on the defensive its a lot harder to plan a counter attack. So yeah its really good reactions to have when dealing with an unexpected violent encounter (I guess you just have to make sure you can hit really frikken hard

Re: excuse the awful spelllings

That was me by the way. I ticked the wrong box :-S

Re: excuse the awful spelllings

It's good to hit hard, and you should practice hitting as hard as you can, but if you hit the right targets, you don't have to hit as hard.

Wing Chun is all about target acquisition. That's what all the trapping is for.