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Golden dragon

June 2016

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gracewanderer in wing_chun

Wing Chun vs. groundfighting

Does anyone here have experience fighting vs. ground fighting styles with Wing Chun? It's kind of hard to evaluate the effectiveness of a form that you're not supposed to use in sport.


In what capacity? Air Force? Marine Recon? Army Infantry? Had any hand-to-hand training?
Army Infantry, currently waiting to return to SF selection. I got the "modern combatives level 1" training, which is just basic ground work.
Careful with that groundwork. It's not a good idea in combat to get tied up with an enemy soldier on the ground while he's got buddies running around. Better to learn how to kill him before he hits the ground, so you can drop him and move on.

Seems that the only other system I've seen that advocates that strategy and even has a clue to how to do it is Krav Maga.
I agree. I don't know why they bother teaching it to us. Presumably we'd go into combat with knives, right? So shouldn't we be taught how to fight with a knife? I can only assume it's because of the recent popularity of MMA.
You're not taught to fight with a knife? I'm surprised.
I'm not SF yet. Infantry (11B-10) aren't taught knife fighting, no.
Then they are probably doing what old Kung Fu instructors (including Yip Man) have been doing for hundreds of years. Giving you something that will make you feel confident in the field without making you too dangerous. You'll learn the real stuff as you become a trusted operator.
Ha ha, I doubt it. Not as an eleven bravo.
Then I guess you'll just have to supplement your training somewhere else.
you want to say, that Yip Man's Wing Tsun is outdated, or what?
I don't know what you mean by "outdated". I suspect you didn't understand my original comment. Do you think it's outdated?
yes, I think so :D

I mean, you're trying to say, that Wing Tsun is not useful in street fighting. Right?
Based on what you say so?
No, I think Wing Chun is very useful in street fighting, provided it's good Wing Chun.