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Golden dragon

June 2016

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Wing Chun

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Fatshan style Wing Chun Kung Fu website

I've finally finished re-designing my Sifu's website, and with the help of the lovely empressofsorrow, it's now up and running.

The purpose of the website is to provide a brief introduction to Fatshan style Wing Chun Kung Fu as taught by my instructor, Sifu George Lovio.

Please check it out, if you get the chance, and let me know what you think:



Sorry, I'm a web geek

Wing Chun rocks.

splash pages bad ( http://www.useit.com/alertbox/990530_comments.html ) Do you have rights to use that image? No offense, but it's the only image on the site. If you've got a graphic artist handy, bug him/her to make you some curly's for the corners of your pages.

On the main page, split up the url loviowingchun.com with Caps at least. Is it Lov Io Wing Chun? Lovio WC?

Make the links stand out, maybe with some color or underlining.

WC is for assassination?

Pull the gallery link until you have one.

When are classes and how do I get there? What the heck town and state are you guys training in?

Re: Sorry, I'm a web geek

Thank you for responding.

You're right about slash pages being bad, however, as I've said elsewhere, splash pages are a waste of time, much as watching a sunset or viewing artwork are wastes of time. I'm not really concerned about offending people's business sensibilities, as the site really isn't a money making venture.

I do have the rights to that image. The Wing Chun calligraphy was drawn by my Sifu's aunt.

I've thought about filling in the corners. We'll definitely consider it.

It did cross my mind to use caps on the url. Thanks, I'll do that.

You're right about the links. We're going to change that.

WC historically was for assassination. The mainland style of Wing Chun and Hong Kong style are definitely different in that regard, as Yip Man only wanted to teach a version of Wing Chun that would be effective for self-defense, which he did do.

One of the reasons I have a gallery link at all is to motivate the powers that be to stay still long enough to have pictures and video taken. ;-)

There are no "classes", per se. Lessons are private and semi-private, much as they were in the old days. You're right about the location. I need to put that somewhere. It's San Diego, California.

Thanks again for the input.

Re: Sorry, I'm a web geek

huh. No offense taken at all?!? What's the internet coming to? (grumpy old man voice) In my day if there was no offense given, we *found* a reason to be angry. Guy said your girlfriend was cute, you called him a fag and threatened his life. Once this guy said something like "I like your webpage but you need to addd a period at the end of the first sentence." For the next three weeks, everyone on the board immediately called him a Nazi anytime he said anything. He was like "Free stuff on freecycle.org" and we were like "Shut the **** up you grammer nazi! I'm not going to your coporate stooge website!" That's the way things were in those days and we *liked it*.

(or in English) I'm taken aback by your polite reception of my constructive criticism. I didn't expect such a great reception and I thank you for it. Best of luck.

I trained with a Yip Man descendent (school descendent, not biology), so yeah it was never called assassination. There was discussion of it's use as a rebellion tool.

Re: Sorry, I'm a web geek

Nope, no offense taken. I'm grateful you took the time to look at the site.

Yea, it's hard to think of Wing Chun simply being used for "self-defense" if it's being used by an underground organization sworn to overthrow a foreign tyrant. It's a very brutal system in its original form. Yip Man actually went to a lot of trouble to tone it down.